Salon Supplies US

At HP Electrical Suppliers – be sure to never run out of the things you need every day. At HP, we provide a huge range of salon products, salon electrical products and salon essentials for all your everyday salon requirements. We have a massive selection of salon supplies in the US for every requirement and budget. No matter what the type of product, basics such as styling products, conditioners and shampoos to accessories like gowns, mirrors, towels and everything else you might possibly need. Our speciality is in electrical supplies of salon and hairdresser products, select from our extensive range and models will discounts for bulk buying and membership maintenance plans. Our electrical appliance membership options are provided by our skilled business partners at Appliance REPAIR Scottsdale.


Our servicing team has expanded and we now have additional support from the guys over at appliance repair Phoenix. Similar to our Scottsdale partners they share the same core values and make a brilliant addition to our partner network and customer support.