Gwen Stefani Hair Style

All of us want to look beautiful and for this we do the best that we can. But what we generally do not know is that to look smart, it is essential that you have your hair set right, otherwise even the best costume can fail in making you look great. But it is actually a very difficult task to choose a good hairstyle that suits you and also looks trendy. If you also face this problem then you are reading the right thing. Well, Gwen Stefani hairstyles are amongst some of the world’s most renowned hairdos and they are done in such a way that they suit all type of hair and all face cuts.

Trendy Gwen Stefani Hair Styles

Gwen Stefani hair style is often straight blonde shining like anything. She keeps on experimenting with her hair color and is known all over for trying different wild shades like blue, pink, yellow etc. In other words it can be said that she is more into bright colors. With her straight hair she keeps playing while tying them up with pins or leaving them untied.

Gwen Stefani hairstyle also includes buns and puffs tied up high with no bangs. With puffs you can also add the 20’s style hairpieces that she often wears. So try out her amazing hairdo’s and it is for sure that you are going to look great as well as trendy at all times and Gwen Stefani can never be wrong when it comes to her looks and style.

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Alice Cullen Hairstyle

Are you also a big of Alice Cullen hairstyle that she wore in twilight and do you also wish to have the same hairstyle for yourself? If yes, then let me tell you it’s as easy as you can think off. And if you have an oval face cut then it is an added advantage for you, despite the fact that this hairdo is sure to suit all face cuts otherwise.

Here is how you can get the desired look:

Tell your hair cutter to cut your hair into short spurts and distribute the hair in layers equally till the top. If you are able to see every layer that he or she gives to your hair, it means that you are done. Some hair should be left falling on your forehead to complete the look. Now comes how to manage and get the same look at home. Condition your hair after every wash and apply a styling mousse to wet hair. Blow dry your hair from all sides and ensure that you mess up all the hair from every corner. Run your fingers through out and the layers will distribute on its own.

Use a flattening iron on top hair and make them look flat. Apply a finishing touch spray and you are all set to flaunt that sexy Alice Cullen hairstyle. So what are you waiting for? Just go and rush to the nearest salon and get this hottest look of the season for yourself.

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African American Hairstyles for Prom

African American hairstyles are all about funkiness and cuteness. From sleek updoes to the great braids, there are so many African American hairstyles for prom that one can choose from.

Major changes have to be made when you are considering getting such a hairstyle. You must take a good care of your hair for at least one month so that your hair texture is smooth and silky. Then you must choose from the various African American hairstyles that can be done in your hair. Here are some of the great suggestions.

Suggestions for African American hairstyles for prom

One of the most popular looks is funky pixie flip. Pixie cut gives you a flirty look which makes your appearance fun and appealing. to achieve this style you must style hair using ceramic styling iron so as to create flips. to achieve unique and fuller look, you could alternate the direction of the flips. Then you could try comb coils which is the natural African American hairstyle. This could be a great option for prom and the advantage of having this style is that it looks elegant and natural at the same time. Good thing is that it could be sported by women with short, medium and long hair as well. It is achieved through the use of rattail comb in the small section of hairs. Turn them slowly so as to get neat coils. Then to set this style, apply gel so that the coils do not open up.

Long waves with waves are also a great option for African American hairstyle for prom. Even though long waves are too romantic for prom but you can get the look even if your hair is not that long. You could take help of weaves so as to achieve the desired hair length and then create waves by the use of medium sized hot rollers. Take small sections and then do it so that you could get a neat hairstyle. So this was all for the prom hairstyles. Try them out and look gorgeous.

Celebrity touch to the hairstyle

If you are not satisfied with the regular prom hairstyles then you could go for the ones sported by the celebs. You could get tyra banks’ long waves, rihanna’s short chic cut, and beyonce rich golden color and sleep updos, etc. this way you get style and great compliments as well.

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Jesse Metcalfe Hairstyles

Jesse Metcalfe is an American actor who plays the significant role of John Rowland in the television series of Desperate Housewives. He often wears his hairstyle very short in which he favors to be as textured formal. This hairstyle of Jesse Metcalfe is very appropriate in any kind of workplace as well as attending a black tie affair or night out of town. One benefit of this hairstyle is its easy maintenance and little effort in styling. It can be laid down with fingers and gelled or sprayed to hold. The textured look of this hairstyle may disappear if one is to comb or brush the hair.

In whatever hairstyles that Jesse Metcalfe wears, he surely looked wonderful in every way. His hairstyles seamlessly suit his beautiful eyes and great smile. Jesse Metcalfe hairstyles are not only classy and formal but also considered as one of the best short formal hairstyle for men.

Jesse Metcalfe Short Hairstyles

The short hairstyles of Jesse Metcalfe are good in framing in one’s face especially for young men as it helps highlight the facial features. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for those men who wanted to achieve good looks. Although the gel made his hair shiny and sleek, his bangs make him look great and his face more slender.

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Semi Formal Hairstyles

Your haircut should be the focal point of your look. Get ready for an occurrence by starting with your hair and shoes. The rest of your outfit will be determined by these two aspects. Just as in the olden days and even more so today, a woman’s crown and splendor is in her hair. Semi formal hairstyles are enormously popular. You must be able to draw the line between sloppy and overdone to achieve victory with a semi formal hairstyle. Semi formal hairstyles are the perfect way to dress up a simple, graceful dress without making the outfit too formal or stuffy. Semi formal hairstyles work well at a fortuitous gathering, a semi-formal occasion or to dress down a formal dress.

More and more designers are sketching this trend. Because it is something one would wear to work, an office party or a friends day out. It could be something as simple as a family get-together or just to cool out. Instead of going totally dressed down, today’s generation prefers to go semi formal. In fact the word has entered the bridal segment also. A few brides prefer to go semi formal in their d-day attires instead of going complete frontal and carrying that heavy gown around. Even the relatives to a wedding can be seen wearing a semi-formal costume, if the invitation says so or if it is an outdoor do or a summer chance.

Getting Semi Formal Hairstyles – Tips & Advice

Use Little or No Styling Product
The look of your style should be soft, glossy and flowing. This will not be achieved if to greatly product in the form of gel or hairspray even conditioner is utilized. It will just weigh the hair down and give a greasy and filthy look. No matter how much the attempt or beautiful the style, that additional spray of hairspray can completely destroy it.

Adding Little Bit Sparkle
Adding that bit of shine or jewel may just be sufficient to make the most boring or undone style into a perfect creation. Don’t be fearful to accessorize. However do it in moderation. Expansion or hair pieces from human, horse or synthetic hair can be additional for that something extra that may be lacking in terms of quantity or colour.

Semi Formal Updos
Updo hairstyles work well for semi formal and formal occurrences. There are many styles include a bun, pinned-up curls, braids and half updos. However, they tend to need maintenance throughout the chance, particularly styles that have pinned-up curls.

Accessorized Hair Styles
Any hairstyle can be made even additional graceful with a simple accessory like a barrette or headband. These accessories are also a good way to accent a simple costume. For instance, a bright-colored barrette will stand out against a simple, black dress.

Straight Hair for Semi Formal Hairstyle
Straight hair gives a simple, so far sophisticated look and would go very well with the overall style of a semiformal party. All it needs is ironing of the hair and letting it loose. This hairstyle usually lasts for an entire day and occasionally, even for two to three days at a stretch. If you have naturally straight hair, which are a scarce asset, you can simply wash and condition them, before leaving for the occurrence.

The Messy Look
The untidy look can be tried at semi formal events by those who have naturally curly hair. To start with, pin most of your hair up above your ears, with the aid of bobby pins. If you want some additional curl, scrunch your hair using a curl increase product that suits your hair type. Even as you pin all your hair up with bobby pins, allow the loose pieces to fall carelessly. You have the choice of curling your hair up, if they give a limp look.

Semi Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair

  • If your hair is chin length, just leave it lax, preferably straightened, if you do not have naturally straight hair, and add a decorative piece in your hair, by parting it to one side (say the correct), and fixing the ornamental piece on the left. Even a classy headband is a superior choice, or a simple flower tucked behind your ear.
  • Another semi formal hairstyle for medium hair, is to start by parting your hair at the middle. Take a part of your hair on either side, twist the section totally, and secure it at the back with a bobby pin. Repeat the same with a part on the other side. Now cover the bobby pins at the back by fixing a ornamental hair accessory. To make it advance innovative, fix small hair jewels all along the twisted hair section. This is a perfect haircut for a semi formal event.
  • Although it may look fairly challenging, it is possible to carry off an updo hairstyle even with short hair. Find out how in easy updos for short hair.

Semi Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

  • Along with the lax curls, tying up the hair into a ponytail is another hairstyle that works well for those with long hair, and for any type of semi formal occurrence.
  • Braids are hairstyles that never seem to lose their attraction, and neither will they for the semi formal occurrence you are heading off to. There are a variety of French braid hairstyles you can select from, that can be additional accessorized depending on the type of event you are attending. One way is to add a hair jewel to every knot of the ponytail.

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Beyonce Knowles Hairstyles

Name: Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Date of Birth: September 4th, 1981
Birth Place: Houston, TX.
Patents Name: Mathew Knowles and Tina Knowles
Height: 5’7″ (1.70 m).

Beyonce Knowles got a big break as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child in 1997. Again she topped the charts with her three best numbers ‘Jumpin, Jumpin’, ‘Say My Name’, and ‘Bills, Bills’ in 1999 with the Destiny’s child.

Beyonce is not only a singer, she is magnificent actress and model too. She has become one of the biggest trend setters in the entertainment industry. Beyonce Knowles is known for her singing, acting, modeling and now for her hairstyle.

Beyonce tried the big screen in 2002 with her role in Austin Powers in Gold member, The Fighting Temptations in 2003, The Pink Panther in 2006, and Dream girls.

In “pink panther” Beyonce looked great with her tight bouncy ringlets. The layers were cut at the bottom to give her bouncy curls the bounce and thickness they needed.

In “destiny child” singer looked ultra modish with her elegant hairstyle. All of her hair were pulled back into a soft ponytail that was crowned with a goddess style tresses that formed the gentle roll. Some hairs were left out to embrace her shoulder on one side. This hairstyle highlighted her beautiful brown eyes.

Hairstyles of Beyonce Knowles

Dazzling Beyonce Knowles’s Hairstyles
She likes to wear a variety of hairstyles like cornrows, layered it in soft curls complete with honey-caramel highlights, a poker-straight curls washed in a warm brown semi-permanent, and freshly in stunning blonde tresses and also sly Cleopatra, afro from her debut movie Austin Power’s in Gold member.

Beyonce Knowles in Curly Hairstyle
Beyonce looks incredible in her curly hairstyle, whether she is wearing it straight or in a curly afro, her hair always looks wonderful. She always wear long or short curly hairstyle but sometimes she straightens it for a silky, smooth appearance.

Beyonce Knowles in Long Hairstyle
Beyonce look beautiful in her long hairstyle and she also looks great in her straight and smooth fractional up do hair style. Hair in the coronet area above the ears is pulled back in a squashy ponytail. No part is visible.

Excellent Locks
Beyonce has amazing curls that are regularly teased and ruffled for the night. In this superb style, her hairs are trimmed carefully at the bottom and cut to an even length. In addition to this, the long layers are snipped through the back and sides to highlight the boundaries. Especially, her stunning color-work beautifully adds difference to the over all style that has enhanced her cute facial features.

Golden Tresses
At the American Music Awards 2007, Beyonce styled her great looking golden locks strikingly. Her big layers played a major role in creasing a miraculous effect falling in very tender waves. This hairstyle will work well with medium to thick hair volumes and can be worn on all occasions.

Loose Waves
At the launch of Emporio Armani’s new cologne, Beyonce looked marvelous in her sexy curvy hairstyle. She trimmed her hair with wobbly waves adding zing to the beautiful chocolate brown curls. It allowed her medium length to fall at the adding maximum volume which made an impact on her naturally chunky textured curls. This haircut can be easily by those who have thick to medium hair types.

Sassy Locks
Beyonce usually keeps her playful locks superbly styled and pampered. Beyonce at the release of Kelly Rowland’s new album, ‘Ms Kelly’, she wore effortless style of softly layered cut about the mid-length and feathered bottom to form the waves. This haircut superbly added capacity all over her tiara. This style is a great option for a night out.

Sleek and Smooth
Beyonce wore sleek and smooth style at the 2007 BET Awards. She traded her featured curls for a smooth and low-key style that highlighted her beautifully trimmed curls. One side part was used for making this style and is the best choice for those who want to shorten their hairs to fit with a longer face shape.

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Help For Bad Hair Perm

Living with a bad hair perm is definitely a mess. There are different methods to repair the resulting damage of hair perm. These methods can make the bad hair perm more manageable. Understanding on how the chemical process alters and affects the hair shaft to create curls is important. In this way, you will know the type of damage made on the hair perm as well as the kind of treatment level to be done. For instance, cutting half of the hair length can be prevented by doing conditioning treatment.

Before repairing a bad hair perm, the damage causes should be identified first. Among these causes may include proneness to unmanageable flyaway strands, lackluster hair, the hair was not in healthy condition before the perming is done, incorrect placement of the perm rods on the hair before the solution application, and incorrect usage of chemical application.

Dry hair is often the lowest level of damage on hair perms. It is often the result of chemical process that removes the vital oils from the hair shaft. There could also be minimal fuzzy texture, minimal shine, or few flyaway strands on the hair. These damages can easily be resolved by applying conditioner every day. However, the conditioner should of high quality so it can add vitality to the new curls as well as the overall appearance and health of the hairstyle.

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Quick Weave Hairstyles

Quick weave hairstyles are great for new looks. These are great replacement hairstyles for the ever-changing trends in the hair fashion industry. Women who love sporting different look on their hairstyles, quick weave hairstyles are the perfect choice. Such hairstyle is also useful for those who wanted to add length for the overall hairstyle.

Another word for hair weaves is hair extensions. It uses different methods such as clipping, braiding, tracking, and bonding hair to the original tresses. It can be made from synthetic or original hair. It can be used in many different styles or forms to create new looks.

Popular Quick Weave Hairstyles – Tips & Ideas

Quick weave hairstyles are easier to achieve in less hours. Natural looking weaves are easier to maintain and sport however the hair weaves should not be far from the natural shade of the hair. Straight weave hairstyle is a good option for those who have straight hairstyles. Apart from its added length, it can be used with contrasting shade to make you look stunning from the rest.

Stylish updos is type of quick weave hairstyle that is elegant and a perfect wear for any gowns. The hair weaves added on this hairstyle is used for piling up at the back. The hair strands can be curled up to achieve feminine look.

Just like straight hairstyles, the flirtatious and fun look of curly hairstyles are equally demanded as a quick weave hairstyle. The curly hair weaves can be extended to the natural hair to give a more bouncing look.

Opting for quick weave hairstyles is not easy, you must need to visit a professional hairstylist. It is only a professional hairstylist who can give you the different looks of quick weave hairstyles with much easiness. Moreover, you must know how to take care of your quick weave hairstyle once you achieve it. Such kind of hairstyle needs equal amount of maintenance.

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Virtual Hairstyles and Haircuts

Short, long, curly or straight, blond, red, brown or black hair, your hairdresser can make your hair be almost something which you ask. A virtual hair gallery functions as a hairstyle examiner for you. Browse through hundreds of new hairstyles and stylish haircuts. This helps in choosing a hairstyle that suits your face shape and complexion and hair type. A virtual hairstyle salon lets you to even try out various hairstyles and hair colors on your own photograph. So go ahead and have the period of your life trying out several hair styles and makeover magic.

The texture of your hair is a chief factor when choosing the right hairstyle. Wavy and curly hair works well with plain haircuts. Some hairstyles advance themselves easily to fine and straight hair. The natural arrangement and texture of the hair has also to be considered when selecting the right haircut.

 Virtual Haircuts Picture

Hairstyles can be used to draw notice to the best features of a person. The face shape also plays an important role in considering the ideal hairstyle. Environmental factors affect the way your hair acts. Consequently it will have an impression on the type of hairstyle you can go in for. Humid climate turns the hair greasy and hobble.

Choose the best hairstyle for your own face will considerably increase your face beauty capital. There are several evergreen hairstyles which seem to be popular with girls everywhere. The classic girl hairstyle is a simple ponytail and modifications on it. Long hair lends itself simply to different styles but it all relied on the type and texture of the hair. Even long hair worn loose with a few tendrils along the face can be a ravishing style.

Hair care doesn’t just mean having a quick groom every now and again. There are lots of things that can be made to make it shine. Start with dry hair there’s no need to wash first, use a body-building mousse (To apply a styling foam to ) the morning-or day-before you plan to roll. This will make sure that your hair’s at its thickest. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, apply a little smoothing (flowing ) cream, and then gently brush through to pull out the curls a little and make rolling easier. Then this is for everyone divide out just the top half of the left side of your hair.

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Crop Haircuts | Pixie Hairstyles

Crop HaircutsCrop haircuts are popular for people with thin hair. If the overall body shape and height of the wearer are appropriate, this sassy hairstyle will work very well. This hairstyle is surprisingly very versatile and always fashionable. It can be worn in many different ways whether in feminine or soft, out-of-bed tousled, sleek, or shiny.

Popular Pixie or Crop Haircuts Ideas

Crop haircuts can be razored, blunt cut or a combination of both ways. For an edgy appearance, the crop should be scissor randomly. To achieve a softer appearance, the crop should be cut using a razor so that every end is tapered. This technique is best on straight hair since it can be managed easily.

Crop haircuts are not recommended for women above 45 because it can create unflattering appearance to the neckline and chin. This hairstyle will also draw more attention on the flawed skin instead of focusing on the eyes and the face.

Not everyone would want to chop of their hair length to achieve crop haircuts. In this case, the wearer can consider a mid-look that is lightly layered, which is an alternative to the short cuts. Crop haircuts are good options for those women with normal, thick, and strong hair types with plenty of texture and movement. It is also a perfect choice for women who are fashionable and like to wear sexy make-up in some occasions. It is also ideal for sporty women since the haircut can be worn in slightly tousle or sleek.

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